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7 reasons to drink lemon water in the morning


Gastroenterologists recommend that everyone start their day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice and name seven reasons.

1. Preparation of a drink does not require much time and much money, but you will bring great benefits to the body.
2. Lemon juice improves digestion, while warm water stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis.
3. Drinking water with lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach, you begin to fight dehydration and contribute to its proper functioning throughout the day. This primarily concerns the adrenal glands, which secrete hormones.
4. The drink helps to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C and potassium, which are found in lemon, stimulate the nervous system and control blood pressure.
5. Water with lemon perfectly cleanses the skin. Vitamin C removes toxins from the blood, which fade skin blemishes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
6. The drink has diuretic properties. Lemon juice speeds up urination, as a result — the body is quickly cleansed, while maintaining the health of the urinary tract.
7. Lemon water helps to lose weight. Lemon juice contains pectin, which helps satisfy hunger. In addition, it has been proven that people on an alkaline diet lose weight much more effectively. The drink will even out the alkaline balance, since citric acid does not increase acidity




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