A man comes to the andrologist.
- Tell me, but if an erection, but without ejaculation?
- Well, it is, in principle, normal ...
- And if here is ejaculation, but without an erection?
- But this is strange somehow.
- And, for example, and an erection, and ejaculation?
- It's good.
- But when neither erection nor ejaculation ...
- Young man, you, in fact, why did you come here?
- Yes I am, the words are simply beautiful - erection, ejaculation ...


There is a woman in the corodir of the clinic, to meet her a man in a white coat: - Man, are you a gynecologist? - No, but I can see.

Doctor: what else do you get?



One urologist says to another:
- I traveled here in Europe. I saw the sculpture "Manneken Pis." He did not impress me ... The face is distorted, the stream is weak.
- And what do you want? How many years have been without traffic. Naked, in the street ... I think everything is clear - chronic prostatitis ...


A man comes to a urologist.
The urologist tells him: "You need to pass urine, feces and semen tests."
The man answers: "Maybe I'll just leave you my cowards?"


The woman complains to the vampire for the absolutely inhuman behavior of her husband in their sexual life:
"Imagine, doctor, recently we made love to him, and at this time a call was made in the door:
- And what, he brosil you at such a moment and went to open?
"Worse, doctor, he dragged me along!"


A group of men started a conversation about health.
"I have not been ill for a day, and it's because I led a simple, measured life," one of them shared. - In the age of 20 to 40 years I went to bed every day at 9, and got up at 6 am. From 8 to 5 I worked, I had dinner, at the same time I ate unpretentious food, and then I practiced for an hour ...
"Excuse me," he interrupted him, "and for what did you sit?"


Doctor, my nose does not breathe!

- Breathe in your mouth.

-Thank you Doctor!!!

-Not thanks, but $ 100.


During the medical examination at the school, the ENT doctor asks the first-grader:

"Do you have any complaints about your ears and nose?"

- There is. They interfere with me when I put on a sweater.

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on the picture: a nurse: our patients quickly recover (get fat) .....

patient: but you are cheating me (deceive)....


(wordplay for both)


City polyclinic, treatment room, enema, turn, coupons ... Procedural sister:

- Talon! Injects. - Next! Ticket! Injects.

- Next! Ticket! Injects ...

- How is there no coupon? Slowly draws the formed fluid back into the enema.

- Next! ...



I urgently need activated charcoal, my stomach hurts!

But I do not know the coal activation code !!!

This is called autumn, because everything falls: leaves, temperature, self-esteem, motivation, mood, penis ....



Experienced specialists (proctologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist) will quickly and reliably detect cheat sheets from students at examinations.

122, 123, ........

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- Hello, doctor, I on your advice or council have bought or purchased an enema, where it now?

- Pour water into it and shove it into your ass.

"Doctor, I think I'll call you back when you're in a good mood ..."

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The Americans created a sex robot and decided to conduct tests. An American woman, a German woman and a Ukrainian woman were invited to the tests.

Start an American woman in the room with this robot. An hour later she comes out happy and cheerful.

-Well, how? they ask her. - Can this robot replace a man in sex?

-Suddenly !.

Then they start the German. An hour later she comes out happy, she is asked the same question, she also gives an affirmative answer.

They start the Ukrainian. An hour passed - does not go out, two, three ... does not come out. Half an hour later, a shout is heard from the room:

-You will show me the paddles at once .... the battery is off!