Used masks have found application in Israel.

Used masks have found application in Israel.

The head of the Gilat kennel of the Jewish National Fund in the Western Negev, Pablo Cherkassky, found a use for the used protective masks.

It is noted that at the moment in Israel, as well as throughout the world, millions of used protective masks are accumulating. Channel 9 reports.
“Every time I changed the mask over the past months, I wondered how it could be used for the benefit of nature. After all, a huge number of disposable masks pollute our environment, increasing the volume of garbage.

I personally think that reusable masks are more appropriate from an environmental point of view. But then the thought occurred to me that in the used masks it would be possible to grow plants instead of pots. I decided to test my guesses, filled the masks with compost and placed the germinated seeds of various plant species — trees and shrubs — there. And they gave wonderful shoots. The seedlings turned out to be no worse than in pots «, — the press service of the fund quotes Cherkasy

The mask pots can be placed on a pallet. It is recommended to pour water into the tray. The water level should not exceed 1-2 cm.
The florist recommends growing in used masks and spices that do not require much soil depth, such as mint and basil.




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